Mission Statement

At Pawlyamorous, our mission is to be the voice for those who cannot speak, by championing the rights and well-being of all rescue animals.
While we wish to help lots of cats and dogs, we would also like to promote a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle, as we believe that all animals, including farm animals, are sentient beings.

Hooves or claws, beaks and paws, all deserve the same amount of love.

Our apparel is designed to ignite conversations, raise awareness, and inspire positive change. Each item aims to be a statement of compassion and advocacy.

We are dedicated to making a lasting impact, and that's why we commit to donating 20% of our profits to rescue organizations in need.

By wearing Pawlyamorous, you're not only helping animals but also showing support for the for the tireless efforts by humans on the front lines, who strive to give every animal a chance at a better life.

Through our products, initiatives, and community engagement, we want to create a world in which every animal receives the love, care, and respect they deserve.
Pawlyamorous is not just a company; it's a mission towards a more humane and harmonious world for all.